Hand and Wrist Injuries
Medical illustration of the hand and wrist  

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Skiers Thumb (sprained thumb)
This often occurs when a skier has a fall where the thumb is pushed outward by a ski pole. Symptoms include pain, swelling, instability at the base of thumb and difficulty and weakness with holding and pinching. It is also common in football and rugby.
Wrist Sprain
Fall on the outstretched hand with the hand and wrist being pushed backward. It often occurs in skiing, soccer, football and other contact sports. Symptoms include swelling, painful motion, and loss of grip strength.
Mallet Finger
Direct blow to the tip of the finger that results in the inability to straighten the finger tip. Symptoms can include swelling and sometimes bruising at the fingertip. This injury often occurs in baseball, football, soccer.
Joint Dislocation
Direct blow to the finger that causes the joint to bend backward and come out of socket. After the joint is pulled back into place, there may be injury to ligaments and soft tissue. X-rays and evaluation by hand surgeon are important to determine the injury extent if patients continue to have diminished motion and swelling more than two weeks after injury. This injury often occurs in wrestling, football, basketball and other high impact sports.

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